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IC Cassette Assembly machine CONANSautomation Design and manufa. Sensing units (not shown) reminiscent of gentle emitting diodes or polarized infrared scanners are positioned in the magazine 11 to signal when the final row of cassettes has exited the journal, the sign being sent to the central processing unit one hundred to inform the operator to refill the magazine 11. Additional sensors (not shown) are positioned concerning the feed conveyor 26 to monitor the move of cassettes on the feed conveyor 20 and supply signals to the central processing unit when the feed conveyor 20 is obvious for insertion of one other row of cassettes and monitor the cassettes placed on the feed conveyor 20 to insure correct orientation and positioning of the cassettes as they strategy the assembly station 30. The conveyor guides 25 are ideally constructed of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene.

A cassette-loading equipment according to claim 2, characterised in that it includes first sensor means (13) performing on the availability conveyor (four) for signalling the presence of an empty cassette (1) on the provision conveyor, near stated in-feed conveyor (18), mentioned pick up means being responsive to the signal of stated first sensor means for dropping down the choose-up arm (sixteen) on the provision conveyor (four) when the latter is obvious of empty cassettes (1) near the in-feed conveyor (18).

1, 8B and 9, a compression chute 57 is positioned downstream of the compression conveyor 28 and combines with a positioning conveyor 60 to feed the fully assembled cassettes to the stacking station 61 Rapid test cassettes. The operation of the automatic cassette wrapping and meeting machine is controlled by a central processing unit one hundred.

This unimotion series automatic meeting machine was developed by Image result for cassette assembly machinecomparing and analyzing numerous center column sort rotary index automated meeting has a very simple mechanism as “simple is the very best” describes and miniaturization of the machine was efficiently achieved without dropping maintainability.

A flight conveyor 27 is positioned proximate the end of the feed conveyor 20 to receive cassettes as they are listed to the assembly station 30. The flight conveyor 27 gives a vertical lift to each cassette and processes it into engagement with a prefolded, straightened and preglued sheath 40 positioned at the mouth of a compression conveyor 28. The flight conveyor 27 includes a series of carry members 29 positioned on a belt or chain 31 which is ideally pushed by a stepper motor 32. The flight conveyor 27 also consists of an aligning monitor seventy seven constructed of a Teflon material corresponding to Delrinm which engages the ends of the cassettes and guides the cassettes in a desired orientation to the compression conveyor 28. The stepper motor 32 receives indicators from the central processing unit a hundred which direct it to index the flight conveyor 27 one cassette at a time.

The conveyor belts 26 of the feed conveyor 20, as are all other conveyor belts of this invention, are constructed of true Teflon, the ends of which are laced together with a flush lacing designed to stop tipping or in any other case disturbing the move of cassettes to the assembly station 30. The feed conveyor 20 is operated by motors seventy three, preferably stepper motors, which index the feed conveyor belt 20 one cassette width at a time toward the assembly station 30.

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